Esperanto Events / Eventoj

Congress / Kongreso

114th Scottish Esperanto Congress/114a Skota Kongreso de Esperanto -  17th to 20th May 2019/17a ĝis 20a de majo 2019

Robertson Arms Hotel,CARNWATH/ Hotelo Robertson Arms, CARNWATH

There will be talks about the district and its history, science, geography and Scots; and entertainment too! The first excursion will be on Saturday afternoon to Little Sparta, an extraordinary garden designed by Iain Hamilton Findlay with sculptures, classical allusions and intriguing spaces with views of the Pentlands. The second congress excursion on Sunday afternoon will be to the cottage where Hugh MacDiarmid, the eminent Scottish poet, essayist and political radical, lived and worked. 

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Jen la programo / Here is the programme



Edinburgh Group / Edinburga Rondo

Esperanto speakers from in and around Edinburgh meet on an irregular basis in an informal context to socialise and speak Esperanto. 

Esperanto-parolantoj de Edinburgo kaj apude kunvenas malregule en neformala konteksto por sociumi kaj paroli Esperanton.

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Glasgow Esperanto Society / Glasgova Esperanto-societo

This club meets regularly in Glasgow and occasionally in Edinburgh at 7:30 pm on the second Tuesday of every month excepting July and August.

 Ĉi tiu klubo regule kunvenas en Glasgovo kaj dufoje en Edinburgo je 7:30 ptm la duan mardon de ĉiu monato escepte julion kaj aŭguston.


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Study Day / Sabatrondo

Formerly the Scottish Esperanto Study Weekend held in Churches House, Dunblane, this is now a single day event (hence the name "Saturday Circle").

Antaŭe la Studrondo de Esperanto-Asocio de Skotlando okazinta en Churches House, Dunblane, ĝi nuntempe estas unutaga evento (tial la nomo "Sabatrondo").


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Zamenhof Day / Zamenhof -Tago

The Zamenhof Day Celebration takes each year, usually in the Bentley Hotel, Motherwell.  Together we celebrate the bithday of the creator of Esperanto.

La Zamenhof-Tago Celebro okazas  ĉiun jaro, kutime en la hotelo Bentley, Motherwell. Ni kune celebras la datrevenon de la kreinto de Esperanto. 

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